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What Will My Wedding Cost?

(MS) - According to The Knot, an online resource for all things nuptial, the average cost of a wedding is $22,000. However, depending on the region of country, the bride and groom can expect to spend far more or even a lot less than that. Some interesting tidbits gathered in a survey of bridal consultants across the country conducted by The Knot:

- Those living in regions where the cost of living is highest can expect to spend more than the average. These regions include the Northeast, where a high-end reception site, such as an estate or museum, will fetch a minimum of $3,000, according to Meg Holland of Newton, Massachusetts-based Events Unlimited, Inc. In comparison, Ann Marie Kjelland, of Weddings by Ann Marie, in Plymouth, Minnesota notes that a similar site in that region will likely charge in the neighborhood of $1,000.

- Throughout much of the country, the cost to feed the guests is roughly the same. A more upscale meal in the Northeast can expect to fetch $120-200 per plate. A similar meal in the Midwest is not all that less expensive, typically between $120-140 per plate, while the price is similar in the South as well. Some regions, however, are especially cost-effective. Judy Lehmbeck, of Judy Lehmbeck Bridal and Parties in Oklahoma City, reports a high-end meal in that region is likely to cost between $50-100 per plate, far less than one might expect.Wedding Cake

- One area that seemed to have the most uniformity was the cost of floral arrangements. Regardless of where the wedding is taking place, a middle-of-the-road floral arrangement will cost in the neighborhood of $2,000 pretty much anywhere. Such an arrangement typically includes in-season flowers and elaborate bouquets. While most consultants put such arrangements between $1,500 and $2,000, the Midwest, perhaps surprisingly, reported the cost to be far more than that, as Kjelland reported a couple can expect such a floral tab to be $3,000.

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