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Big-Ticket Items a Choice for Brides' Registries

Bridal Registry

(MS) - While housewares and kitchen electronics still dominate wedding registries, today's tech-savvy brides-to-be are expanding their gift options and including more big-ticket electronics on registries, too.

Perhaps it's a trend spurred on by a greater influence from grooms-to-be with the registering process, or a reflection of the times: women are no longer kitchen-bound and content simply with blenders and coffee makers. Regardless, trends indicate that everything from flat panel televisions, to home-theater systems to digital and video cameras are popular registry items.

In lieu of this registry evolution, here are some tips for women ready to hit the stores and create wedding registries.

· Register for what you need or want. Many of today's couples have lived independently in their own homes before tying the knot. So it's likely that they have many home essentials already. There's no point in registering for a set of silverware if you already have one. Think about the items that can add to your inventory or specialty effects that you now desire, such as fine china or a video camera to capture your newlywed memories.

· Think multiple registries. You needn't limit yourself to one store. Choose three favorite retailers and register items at each. This gives guests plenty of items to choose from on your wish lists and provides greater flexibility to those who don't live by a specific store or don't have online access for Web shopping. Just be sure not to overlap items between stores, because then you could end up with doubles of things. It's better to choose three distinct retailers, such as a big-box store for linens, a housewares store for small kitchen appliances and cooking essentials, and an electronics center for those techy gifts you'd love to have.

· Register as a couple. It certainly may seem more time-efficient if you go out on your own to register, but involving your spouse in gift selection gives him more of a say in the household choices and future marriage. As registry protocol changes even further, your guy can even choose items that are specifically "guy-zone" items, such as tools and power equipment for the garage. This encourages a balance and both of you can walk away happy.

· Don't get blinded by greed. It's easy to go overboard when you have the store's registry scanner gun in your hand. But firing it at every item on the shelves is certainly not the way to go. Remember, make a list of the items that you really need or want. Have a range of items that are priced at a spectrum so there's something for every guests' budget. Consider avoiding the cheapest or smaller items - a ladle here, a meat thermometer there - because those are things you can certainly pick up on your own.

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